She has attempted to find innovative ways to work across these areas using the writing of life, specifically those found in the Mass Observation Archive, and oral history.

Take lessons from your past to prepare the future. In the past, you had to be unique, such as an Einstein to get people would "follow your lead," but nowadays all you need is an idiot who has a camera to upload an image of him having a fright and the entire world is in awe as the person becomes famous and rich for taking the most outrageous prank ever We will examine the relation to "white" as well as "non-white" colonial colonies, as a part of the larger racial history of colonialism. It’s akin to the sterile academic knowledge. What has happened to us? More importantly what is the Einsteins? ! While the focus is typically on European colonial history I have also worked with several students who are fascinated by U.S. imperialism, and I can adapt the course to suit their needs. The study of the past examines the effects of change and continuity throughout the course of time in our society The most significant moments that have shaped the world.

My opinion is that social networking is a total failure and has almost none redeeming qualities. This kind of partisan and confused expression of memory will give little more than insincere praise for the entire group. Students who choose Comparative Colonialisms as a second field must take HSTRY 590 if they are it is available, along with one guided reading. At Griffith You’ll be able to discover the past as a means to understand the present from a variety of perspectives – culturally, socially economically, and politically. Social media is pure cancer; it turned people brain-dead zombies.

The assortment of names, images and concepts that have more or less of coherence, constitute the historical perspective of a society. Students who are studying Comparative Colonialisms as a third or fourth field are strongly advised to enroll in HSTRY 590 and are required to complete one reading that is supervised. Learn about the ancient civilizations and explore how global events have shaped the history of Australia and influenced our current. People are staring at their phones all the time, totally ignoring their friends and the surrounding world. It is not only, nor in the majority of cases, result of the work done by academic historians or professionals.

Students are not allowed to provide a field within the Comparative History division as a first field. With seven topics to pick from, you’ll be able to cover an array of historical events, including the effects of terror attacks, political violence and the environmental attitudes of the 16th to the 19th century. In the past, it was believed that VR could be the cause of this nonsense however they were wrong. These days, historical films and novels and popular magazines on historical and cultural heritage TV series as well as schools’ textbooks, commemorative shows as well as the recreations of major occasions arranged by associations, public institutions or theme parks all have more direct impact on the production and distribution of these depictions of the past. All you need is an inexpensive device that can play countless ineffective videos.

Learn to recognize and analyze patterns and connections across time and cultures and explore issues like the impact of diseases on the world and environmental change, war trade, and religious beliefs. Distance degree programs designed for Adults and professionals. In this regard, recent research studies from T. Attention spans are now many seconds. You’ll also examine historical evidence about the role of culture and society, and also how social and political movements have influenced our perception of humanity, society and rights, as well as of sexuality, gender and race and the role of race, gender, and sexuality in our world today. Art History Online – Bachelor’s Master’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctor Ph.D.

Morris-Suzuki about what is known as the "construction" of past events place a significant emphasis on the previously unimaginable types of formats (spaces of memory, as broadening the definition) in the field of historiography. Even when you produce the most fascinating video content If you don’t know what to do to attract attention, nobody will be interested for more than 10 seconds. Degree. Medieval culture and history of the past Cultural heritage, history, and place (including the practice of interpretation) Medievalism and other uses of the past. However, there are also benefits to using things such as Facebook when you are able to avoid being victimized. Adam J. Faculty of Arts & Humanities by distance learning. Interdisciplinary methods (including digital techniques, practices, and creative elements.

It is easy to stay in touch with friends and get information on various areas of interest. Ring is a senior majoring in Integrated Social Studies Education with an additional minor in History. Art History via distance learning. Prof. That’s all there is to it. Living History Learning about the present through looking back at the past. Art history examines the history of art from the first cave paintings up to the contemporary art of the present.

Claire Langhamer. I am on Facebook to read Twitter and watch YouTube and read my PW. Why do I believe that it is the most fascinating major you could ever have? I am aware that history isn’t the top choice for online many students, but there’s one reason why every person should be able to appreciate the past: to comprehend the significance of our past while moving ahead in the present. It encompasses the Western tradition as well as the culture from those of the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, Africa as well as in the Pacific Islands, and the Americas. The Director is the Institute of Historical Research.

I prefer FB because it’s a great method of communicating with my friends across the world. In this article, I’m hoping to explain the reasons to be grateful for the past and perhaps assist you in learning to appreciate it. It combines experience and knowledge to bring clarity to the myriad of names, times, and styles that are all around us. Biography. My name is Japan and have contacts from Europe and I live in the USA. What is the history? Claire’s work focuses on the twentiethand twenty-first century Britain.

Examining the visual art from a psychological angle we can think of the art’s history as a constant weaving and shifting of cultures. Simply put it is the sum of the past events that have a connection to some person or thing. I’ve never purchased anything from FB. She is particularly interested in the interplay between the cultural, the social and the emotional. Each artwork is linked to the past while pointing to the future. If you think about the subject this way, it becomes clear that history is more than battles, names, or dates. My husband is not a fan of social media generally, saying that I’m giving all my personal data to the government and companies seeking to market something.

She has attempted to find innovative ways to work across these areas using the writing of life, specifically those found in the Mass Observation Archive, and oral history.

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